Jeff Haste

Commissioner Jeff Haste is often heard exclaiming that, “I’m Dauphin County proud and you should be, too!’’

From holding the line on property taxes for an unprecedented 14 straight years to helping communities fight blight and encourage economic growth, Jeff Haste works hard with his fellow commissioners to give Dauphin County’s residents plenty to be proud – and happy – about.

Holding the line on taxes for 14 years doesn’t just happen. It takes leadership and a willingness to find innovative solutions to keep the county running right.

Since becoming a commissioner in 2003, Jeff established the playbook other counties follow when dealing with tough issues. In a time when crumbling bridges and roads frequently lead the national news, Jeff developed the Dauphin County Infrastructure Bank and the Municipal Bridge Project, allowing townships and boroughs to make needed repairs and improvements without busting their budgets.

Committed to improving the lives of our county’s residents, Jeff was determined to help preserve our neighborhoods, knowing even one dilapidated property can start a downward spiral. Answer: The Dauphin County Land Bank, which buys vacant residential and commercial properties and turns eyesores into community assets.

When companies consider expanding or look at places to call home, a trained, educated workforce is crucial. Jeff and his fellow commissioners were instrumental in securing the financing needed to create Harrisburg University, which now offers 25 undergraduate and nine graduate programs.

An avid outdoorsman, Jeff spearheaded the addition of the county’s largest park – the 411-acre Detweiler Park in Middle Paxton Township – that is enjoyed by more than 1,500 visitors a month.

Jeff resides in Lower Paxton Township with his wife, Maria, and is a proud father of four and grandfather of three.